Allusion Pictures

Independent Film House

The Republican is an political thriller film done by Allusion Pictures, an independent film house run by Jon Navarro, an alumnus of Long Island University and SMPTE Award winning filmmaker. It’s about Joseph Ocasta, a rising star in the Republican Party who’s set on shaking the system and disrupting the status quo. Yet an assassination plot unfolds and secrets are unveiled. It’s matter of life and death itself, all dependent on the vote.

Assigned to be the movie’s art director, I was tasked with the responsibility of creating graphics needed for the production,¬†¬†ranging from Senator Ocasta’s presidential campaign banner, seen in the movie, to the stills for the movie’s companion app and supervising the team of graphic designers under me. Prior to that, I worked on the redesign of the film house’s brand identity. Below you see a trailer where you can see of my work in the film.