Savor the Wine

65 Fen

Located at 65 Fenimore Street off Flatbush Avenue, 65 Fen is a locally owned wine shop in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Prospect Leffert Gardens. They have a large collection of wine from all over the world. Their wine collection is primarily derived from small production and family owned wineries, which in their belief provide a greater value and better quality. 65 Fen has quality wines, priced in the $10 – $20 range. In addition Michael Campbell, the owner of 65 Fen, operates an eatery next-door called Delroy’s serving simple, fresh food, fontina cheese, spinach and tomato paninis paired with a glass of wine.

“Savor the Wine” is a concept for an ad campaign meant to advertise 65 Fen’s myriad of international wine. The idea was to re-brand 65 Fen to accompany the wine store’s growth and make it appeal to both its current demographic as well as the incoming wave of upper-income professionals moving into PLG and Brooklyn.