Personal Spaces

Photographic Snapshots of Moments in New York’s Subway

Since its inception, the New York City subway has been a venue for people of different socioeconomic backgrounds to sit together, if only briefly during their commute to whatever destination that they’re going. It is a venue for people to have their fifteen minutes whether in fame or infamy. For the indigent, it’s the closest thing they have to a home. All and all, it’s a democratic environment where are not hiding themselves behind physical boundaries.

I am encouraged to photograph people on the trains and in the stations out of a desire to learn more about the ways people behave individually or with each other on the train, especially when they’re unaware of themselves being behind the lens. What we do or say on public transportation reveals a bit about ourselves.

Over several months, I have been working on a series of images that I have taken on my various trips on New York City’s public transportation. The selected images chosen are unfiltered moments of commuters and/or groups of commuters interacting with one another. Like how Mathew Brady who brought home the reality of the American Civil War to the masses through his photographs in the battlefield, I voyeuristically documented unfiltered moments in the urban underworld. Decades ago, Bruce Davidson and Walker Evans before him documented commuters’ lives in the 50s and 70s. I seek to follow in that tradition but as it is now: the financial and cultural capital of America.