Long Island University

Graduate Assistantship

Long Island University has it all. Quality faculty, enriching courses and a professionally-minded yet friendly student body. It’s why I enrolled as a grad student starting spring 2016. There was an issue that I quickly noticed upon my entrance: no one knew about the Media Arts department. The fact that Long Island University had an interdisciplinary program uniquely crafted for all varieties of creative minds and no one outside a small circle of people was slightly demoralizing.

I surmised that was due to Media Arts lacking its own web presence.

Noticing this problem, I pitched the idea to the department’s Graduate Coordinator and my supervisor Claire Goodman.¬†Once complete, this website would be linked into the Brooklyn campus’ site and allow future generations of aspiring media-makers to learn of the program’s coursework and concentrations.

You may view the site here.

Impressed with my work, I was later¬† recommended to do freelance design work for the English Department’s Creative Writing Program and the Writing Center.