Vaporwave with Ecuadorian Characteristics.

Ecuawave: Vaporwave with Ecuadorian Characteristics is an ongoing project where I appropriate elements of the online Vaporwave art movement and modify them to issue commentaries on the current political situation in Ecuador, among other topics in combination with my innature desire to experiment. As vaporwave artists draw musical and cultural influences from the eighties, I draw on influences from the nineties onward when Ecuador experienced its brief flirtation with populism in between two eras (including now) dictated by austerity. At the same time, it’s when the Ecuadorian middle class grew and the population were exposed to global and American influences,

As an American of Ecuadorian descent, I never had a close connection with my ancestral homeland. At the same time, I felt that I had an attuned awareness of the political situation that few amongst the Ecuadorian diaspora in America possess. These pieces are not meant to encourage nihilism as in common with mainstream vaporwave but to foster a desire for positive change in Ecuador and the greater world.