Luis is a graphic design extraordinaire.

His multiple years of experience cover many design principles, categories and brands from architecture and research practices to independent film houses and established companies to start-ups – all with the same passion and drive to solve visual problems. He’s worked and interned at multiple locations, most notably as a Graduate Assistant at Long Island University’s Brooklyn campus and Digital Content Intern at mPoint Media, a programmatic advertising exchange. In the latter, he supervised and led a superb team of content creators in storyboarding and executing SnapAd campaigns.

In his downtime, Luis enjoys jogging, binge-watching shows on Netflix, screenwriting, doodling, travel and photography. His number one passion is the visual arts and often indulges in visiting New York’s art museums and art galleries. Luis currently resides in New York.

He completed a Bachelor’s degree (with honors) at CUNY’s City Tech in June 2016 and a Master’s of Fine Arts degree (with distinction) in Media Arts at Long Island University’s School of the Arts and Communication in May 2018. He is looking for a full-time position where he can create stunning visual aesthetics.